Saturday, January 22, 2011


A. Pre Stage - Teen Experiments how drugs/alcohol works for them. Learning Process

B. Early Stage - Teen uses drugs/alcohol to get pleasure/high.
It's all just fun
1. Few consequences from the beginning use of drugs/alcohol.
2. Ability to control use of drugs/alcohol in most cases.
3. Drug of use/alcohol increases: start using more.

C. Middle Stage - Teen starts using to get relief from pain.
Change in Dealing with Life and Others
1. drugs/alcohol becomes a problem/source of pain.
2. Loss control over amount used of drugs/alcohol; using more and more.
3. Extreme discomfort when not using
4. Depression, emotional numbness, mental preoccupation

D. Late Stage - Teen is now using to obliterate consciousness.
Physical and Mental Breakdown
1. Severe psychological/physical consequences.
2. Dissociation from self/reality, many blackouts.
3. Suicide, insanity, accidental death, physical sickness, prison.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Teen drug addiction and alcoholism is a real problem and one of the biggest things that blocks them is that they are to young to possibly be an alcoholic. One thing I have found a lot of power and strength in is young peoples conferences (ypaa's). The first one I went to blew my mind and I continue to enjoy them. It is amazing to see how many young people are sober and serious about it. If your new to sobriety especially if you're young check one out. just search icypaa in google or go to the grapevine. Give your self a chance, D.F.D.