Monday, September 6, 2010


The only sterling silver prayer rings exclusively for the Twelve Step community has a new addition to the Eternal Collection featuring sterling silver rosary rings made for people in Twelve Step recovery programs. The Recovery Cog is a sterling silver rosary ring that looks like a cog with twelve teeth and the inscription “it works if you work it.”

In the Twelve Step community prayer and meditation become a large part of life. Rosary rings like TwelveBeads Recovery Cog are made for keeping track of repetitive affirmations and prayers. What makes TwelveBeads rosary rings so special:

  • The Recovery Cog is the only rosary ring cog on the market for people in Twelve Step recovery making this a great collectors piece.

  • All TwelveBeads rosary rings are solid sterling silver.

  • The slogan “it works if you work it” is etched in the ring for encouragement.

  • A cord is included with the Recovery Cog so it can be worn around the neck.

  • The Recovery Cog comes in a beautiful cherry wood box lined with soft chamois.

The Recovery Cog is available for Purchase at and Both shops accept PayPal so you can pay with most major credit cards or eCheck.

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