Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating Sacred Space

As we get into sobriety life becomes full. Taking the time to practice prayer and meditation can at times seem like one more item on the "things to do" list. Creating a sacred space that is away from reminders of things to get done can be an encouragement to practice more often.

The Sober Sites Directory is full of shops that carry the items to create that sacred space. Here are a few ideas.


Keeping a selection of prayer cards handy is always a great tool. Choose a small box, pretty business card holder or even a special mug/cup to keep your selection in your sacred space.

You can find a great selection of 12 Step prayer cards and Christian prayer cards at Cheryl's Bookmarks.


Candles and incense have been used in religious and spiritual practices for thousands of years. Candles are used from our birthday cakes to Baptismal candles, Menorah candles, marriage candles, and more. Smoke rising from incense and candles has been said to be a symbol of our prayers rising to heaven.

Add a candle or some incense to your sacred space for your formal prayer and meditations. Go to Serene Sensations for incense, incense holders and candles.


Keeping a set of prayer beads handy can aid in focus during your prayer and meditation time. Prayer beads have been used for hundreds of years in many different faiths. The earliest prayer beads were made of fruit pits, bones and dried berries.

Find Twelve Step prayer beads and directions for use at


There are times when our heads are so full of life that we need a little help with quieting and focusing. Keeping some meditation CDs near your sacred space can help tremendously with this.

You can find many styles of meditation CDs. There are those with music, some are subliminal and there are guided meditations. Spirit Step offers two recovery based guided meditations. These are great for every level of mediators from beginners to pros. Go to to get your guided meditation CD.


A custom hand made prayer kneeler embroidered with an inspiring slogan will bring comfort to formal praying. Just for Today, Let Go, Let God, Surrender and One Day at a Time are among the choices. You can also request a special message of your own.

Go to GODPillow to view your choices for prayer kneelers and inspirational pillows.

For more great Recovery Shopping visit our directory!

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  1. GODpillow can also be used for sitting in Meditation. Over 90 Inspirations can be embroidered. Inspirational Throw Pillows also available. Great for Sponsor/Sponsee Gifts, or just because you care! Tap into the power!