Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giving Is Beautiful

New Jersey artist Gwen R and musician Laura C are joining with Marti Hottenstien's How to Save a Life Foundation to fight addiction. The "Giving is Beautiful Fundraiser" is centered around specially designed addiction recovery prayer beads from combined with a CD from songwriter LauraC at

Sales can be made via the Internet and are open to anyone who would like to donate. When visitors to purchase the gift set, $20.00 will be deposited into the foundation's account.

The Giving is Beautiful HOPE Necklace features 8mm and 6mm black obsidian beads with gun metal Miyuki hex cut glass and bead accents. Black obsidian is known for its protective qualities and is believed to absorb negative emotions such as anger, fear, and criticism. The necklace and CD are available at

"All three of us are passionate about addiction recovery and are always looking for new ways to help others," Gwen R said.

Karl HottensteinAll donations go directly to the How to Save a Life Foundation and help those who can not afford treatment. Since its founding in June 2007, How to Save a Life has helped more than 400 people receive addiction treatment. The foundation dedicates its work to the memory of Karl Hottenstein who was denied treatment for drug addiction. He died six weeks later.

Gwen R and Laura C struggled with addiction and now put great energy into helping others in the daily effort to remain sober. "Addiction is not a moral failing but a disease that can only be cured through treatment," Hottenstien said.

Gwen R is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia and is founder of There she offers her own designs of prayer beads that soothe, heal, and bring hope. All promote recovery from addiction.

Laura C has been on CBS' The TODAY SHOW twice, various news stations around the country, She has performed at major events and continues to travel with her band. Laura C has been nominated for a coveted PRISM award.

The CD "The Gift of Brokenness" is about Laura C's journey. In a way, each song is a piece of her, as she took herself apart and put herself back together again. It is about dealing with anger, despair and fear. And ultimately, it is about joy, hope and healing.

"Our focus on healing, both through art and music, makes us a good match for helping How to Save a Life. Marti Hottenstien does wonderful work through her foundation," Gwen R said.

All of TwelveBeads recovery jewelry features 12 core beads used to say special devotions or affirmations. The central purpose of the beads is to help the wearer connect with his or her Higher Power.

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