Friday, September 23, 2011

TwelveBeads Celebrates Six Years On Line

TwelveBeads a prayer bead and recovery jewelry company celebrates six years of online business September 24, 2011. Originally it was strictly recovery prayer beads and later Twelve Step prayer jewelry was added. The intention of all TwelveBeads products are to use the pieces as a tool for repetitive prayers, affirmations and meditation. To celebrate year six there is a weekend $60 for $40 sale. Shop SALE HERE A little about the creator of TwelveBeads...
"I purchased my first set of prayer beads in my twelfth year of sobriety, after going through a hard time with life in general. This is when I hit an emotional bottom and had a second spiritual awakening. I started to seek out ways to deepen my spiritual practice. A friend told me that it takes six repetitions of something for the brain to truly process it. When I prayed I started to repeat my prayers six times using my fingers to keep track of my count. Searching for meditation aids online, I found a woman (Nancy T.) who made Anglican Prayer beads and happened upon her Serenity Beads at I began to use them daily and found deeper meaning in the Third Step Prayer and the Seventh Step Prayer. I go around the beads saying a prayer per bead. Soon both prayers took on new meaning to me. I hope you too will find something deeper in this practice."

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