Thursday, August 25, 2011

IOCC August Contributor David Lee Byrd

lDavid is an author of two books; his first, “Living a Spiritual Life” (LSL) chronicles his spiritual journey during the 17 years of his own recovery process. It offers insights on finding and building a spiritual way of life that avoids religious dogma and legalism.

LSL takes you on a journey of self discovery where you will find the beauty and joy you deserve in this life. The path lies within you; you are filled with a power packed potential that is just waiting to be realized.

His second book "Life Seeds" is a collection of Poetry that encompasses life’s many ups and down, its joys and sorrows. All of the poems are based on real life experiences that resonate with honesty, humor, insight, and wisdom.

As a licensed minister, certified drug and alcohol counselor, single parent, and student at Argosy University where he is working on a Masters degree in the behavioral sciences David’s life is incredibly rich and profoundly diverse.

He lives by the principles that he teaches. A promise that he made many years ago was, “to never, ever teach or encourage another person to do what he himself had not first tried, and found to be successful.”

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