Friday, August 13, 2010

Sober Sources Network Continues to Lead the Way in Online Recovery

Sober Sources Network ( sits perched at the top and is leading the way with its innovative approach to online recovery. If you or someone you knows suffers with addiction issues and is in need of immediate support and services we can help without stepping into a meeting!

El Paso, TX (PRWEB) August 11, 2010

The Internet has evolved into more than merely a way to uncover the next bargain. It has become the leading source for information and the latest news as well. More recently, for those looking for a way to deal with personal hang-ups and addictions, the Internet has also become a solid source of support. In this regard, Sober Sources Network ( sits perched at the top and is leading the way with its innovative approach to online recovery.

The online recovery market is still in its infancy, so the concept may seem a bit strange for more than a few people. When questioned about their decision to provide online recovery services, Chy King, M.Ed., owner of the Sober Sources Network responded, “We know it seems a bit unorthodox, but sometimes, an unorthodox solution is exactly what is needed. We simply saw a need and decided to fill it. Often, people are embarrassed about their addiction and are reluctant to seek help locally. So until they are ready to take that step, we are here to offer help and to provide information and support.”

How do online recovery services really help, though, when many addicts are homeless and do not have access to a computer or the Internet? Chy King responded, “You would definitely be surprised... If they have access to a public library, then many times, they have access to online resources. We help by providing a wealth of information and resources for those struggling daily with addiction.”

In addition to its focus on providing recovery information and resources, Sober Sources provides an emotional outlet for both addicts and recovering addicts through its network of forums (see Since research has shown that those who have a support network have a greater chance of becoming sober and staying sober, Sober Sources Network seems to be right on track with its solutions.

Chy says, “Traditionally, there are 12 step programs and meetings available locally for recovering addicts. These programs offer settings in which the recovering addict is encouraged to ‘share’ his or her experiences. For those struggling to reach the point where they feel comfortable publicly sharing, our forums provide a place for them to share with others in relative anonymity. Plus, since thousands of people from every walk of life frequent our forums, they are also helpful for those who feel that traditional 12 step recovery programs are lacking in their scope or focus.”

The most crucial elements of getting and remaining sober are obtaining pertinent information and having access to a stable support system. dispenses both with the rare adeptness that is typically associated with offline ‘brick-and-mortar’ facilities.

For more information contact Chy King, M.Ed., the owner at info(at)sobersources(dot)com or visit the Sober Sources Network at

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