Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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June/July = Guinevere Gets Sober

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August = No Permanent Solutions

I'm 32, married, have a huge family, work behind a desk 9am–5pm and coach diving on the side. My favorite things in this world are my family, diving, dancing, corny movies, awe-ha moments (aka Godshots), silly hair, playful banter, and belly laughs. Any of these things shared with other people makes them even better! I'm in recovery from a myriad of dependencies, and I primarily relate as a recovering alcoholic, bulimic and cutter. I lived with major depression for half my life and have received 21 ECTs. Today I live free from the hell I believed I could only escape through suicide. I don’t know why I was graced with recovery after over a decade of pain and struggle, but I know I cannot afford to keep it to myself nor do I want to. I love sharing my story and my life today, and I hope that my experience might lend support and hope to others. Remember every experience we have will pass. Be present for the good as well as the seemingly bad, because both have value and both are only temporary.

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