Monday, August 2, 2010

August Blog of the Month

My name is Emily, and I'm an alcoholic. It may sound funny, but I really like for people to know that about me. I know I know, anonymity is the foundation, its true, so I won't break anyone's but mine. I just feel better, safer, more honest knowing that I'm not hiding my past, but embracing it. By the grace of God I am in recovery and have been since July 2009. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is the greatest gift, and it keeps on giving everyday. I have an amazing family. My husband is Nick, my two beautiful daughters are Myca and Reese, my crazy dogs are Chase and Pedro, and as for the rest of the due time my friends, its a loooong story. I hope to share my experience, strength and hope in this blog to others in recovery and to the still sick and suffering. I also plan to have a little fun with it as a woman, wife, and mommy :)

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