Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First and Only TwelveBeads Rosary Ring

[caption id="attachment_124" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="TwelveBeads Rosary Ring"]RosaryRing200[/caption]

TwelveBeads, a leading on line retailer of Twelve Step recovery prayer beads and jewelry, unveils the first ever Twelve Step Rosary Ring. The Rosary Ring is made of solid sterling silver and features the Twelve Step concept of taking recovery one day at a time.

TwelveBeads Rosary Ring designed by Gwen R. is the first and only Twelve Step recovery prayer ring on the market. Ten months after the concept was formed the final product has come to fruition and is ready for sale. This heavy pocket piece is solid sterling silver and features the quote “One Day At A Time.” Additional features include the symbolic recovery symbol of a triangle in a circle, the number 24 and twelve beads to recite prayers on. has been on line since September 2005 selling prayer beads exclusively to the Twelve Step recovery community. The majority of prayer beads and recovery jewelry are one-of-a-kinds. TwelveBeads Collection is a line of recovery jewelry and prayer beads that are affordable and can be ordered in quantities. TwelveBeads Rosary Ring is the first piece in the TwelveBeads Eternal Collection.

For additional information on TwelveBeads Rosary Ring visit

TwelveBeads Rosary Ring is under copyright of GwenR.


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